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Meet the Team

on 28 April 2016

Currently there are approximately 20 Team members at RECOVER, the number is variable as members move on & new members join.

RECOVER’s Team of volunteers now contribute approximately 1000 hours every month to the Social Enterprise.

Today 15 of our members gave consent to have a picture & a mention in this blog.

Here goes with most recent Team members first….


Marie M. our very newest member started last week & has amazed all of us with her focus, determination & ability with all things up-cycling – last week cushions & this week a very nicely detailed chair. 


Nicola V. started earlier this month & has really hit the ground running, completing several projects all of which are stunning.



Kieron J. the youngest ever member – had his eighteenth birthday a couple of weeks ago. Very reliable & learning new skills every-time he’s here.


Lee R. also relatively new on board, came along bringing many already acquired skills & talent. These include a style & technique for a beautiful reclaimed look that is very on trend.


Chris P. well mentored by Glenn is now helping others. Everyone is delighted with his truly significant development.


Mel P. has flourished at RECOVER and now up-cycles some excellent & creative pieces for the project & also her own developing business.


Dave M. enjoys selecting the unusual in need of much help pieces & turning them in to desirable & saleable items. We have also benefited from Dave’s previous experience with IT to help create & manage some of our administration systems.


Jan SJ. an artist in her own right with a creative flair has stated that ‘this is a place I can really be myself & also learn additional ideas & skills’. Jan works on splendid projects including furniture & upholstery incorporating some of her existing ideas along with some of ours.


Alison S. Likes the dramatic & has completed some outstanding projects. She is very in tune with popular design & colour palates / coordination & her decoupage is amongst the best.


Julie W. reinforces daily why we are so passionate about RECOVER. From apprehensive to always willing & able to have a go – especially if it includes ‘purples’. Julie also has taken responsibility for shopping & making fabulous lunches for the entire Team every day.


Glenn H. is a real Gentleman and always ready to help out in any situation. His skills and sense of humour have gone from strength to strength. If you are after a great deal he may say ‘meet you half-way’.


Rick D. has learnt many skills & now trains newer members in how to use our sewing machines. Along with Glenn they both are also very conscientious in keeping the workshop ship shape.



Kamil P. is a professional commercial upholsterer who has been providing training to our Team right from the start. Kamil was involved in advising with the set up of our upholstery section, which has proved to be safe, clean & efficient. Three years on & Kamil has the patience of a saint, we feel very lucky to have met him.



Poppy was from the initial group of volunteers that were involved even prior to us finding our premises. Also the biggest surprise of all – three years later & she’s running the show & being paid ‘to boot’.


No stopping him now!


Ian B. ‘the special one’ !


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